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About Us

The Food You Love is the food we deliver!

We are a healthy startup based out of Hyderabad, India. Fudyz is a food ordering and delivery company. Our mission is to provide homely food, packed in a safe box and deliver to customers. The beauty of our service is that we cook food in our own kitchen. At Fudyz, we have our own fleet of delivery boys who make sure to deliver food boxes to customers on time.

Your search for comfort homely and healthy food with delicious touch will end with Fudyz. Our chefs perfectly cook the food with love. Each food variety will be cooked carefully with the freshest ingredients.

ExperiencetheMagic of Taste withFudyz!

Food is always special and delicious when you love it. Make the most of your food cravings with Fudyz.
Our chefs are awesome and has magical hands to cook every item authentic and delicious. Each food item is prepared with fresh ingredients and healthy vegetables/meat. At Fudyz, the menu will be so unique and lovable.
The beautiful ambience in the Fudyz kitchen tells the perfection in maintaining the hygiene space to serve you best.
Experience heavenly food treat with our finely cooked mouth-watering dishes!

Mysteries of Taste!

Our team of experienced chefs has found treasure in mysteries of taste, to treat every gobbler who has a unique taste and we know how people here love the different varieties of food more than anything!

We are team FUDYZ!