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Fudyz is a familiar word among all food lovers. Keeping all food lovers in mind, we prepare tasty food, according to their requirements. We have wide variety menu, to make every customer to choose their choice of food. Right now it is available at Hi-tech city area in Hyderabad, soon it will be expanded many other parts of Hyderabad too.


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Italian Breakfast

It is well known that everyone benefits from a healthy breakfast. But if you are the sort who usually has a bowl of cereal, a slice of toast and a quick cup of tea, it might be time to make some changes

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Whole chicken fry

This whole chicken is just not fried but first marinated, steamed so that marinade is well absorbed in the kitchen and then fried with little oil and butter for basting in between. I have added the onions while frying the chicken so that the marinate and the juice of chicken flavour goes in the onions and gives the delicious taste to the whole dish.

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